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For the first time in Belltown, anybody can walk in the door and learn the skills that allow them to feel like they are stepping into the ring. Feel the satisfaction of pushing yourself further, and the pride of knowing you gave it your all.

For anyone who has ever wanted to see what a Boxing, Muay Thai, HIIT, core training and Fitness Kickboxing was all about.


“David (the owner) is accommodating and extremely knowledgeable about different exercises and moderations.” 

—  Emily S.


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Axtion Club

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Their job is to give you the best workout and technical knowledge around and make it fun at the same time. Find out a little more about what makes them the best.

David Jofre

David is the founder of Axtion Club, He is originally from Chile. Inspired by martial arts movies, he started studying karate kyokushinkai-Kan and Muay Thai at age 11. In 1998, he set a South American record for 50 consecutive full contact rounds/kumite, undefeated in Coquimbo, Chile. In 2002, he earned his black belt with authorization from the Kyokushinkai-Kan International Karate Organization in Japan to open a dojo anywhere in the world. In 2006, he became a  certified personal trainer. In 2007, he obtained 1st-place Heavyweight Knockdown Challenge in Washington. 2010 he became a Sport Injury Specialist. 


Mike has been boxing and instructing for 6 years now. Originally from Long Island, NY. He began boxing in college and quickly ascended to serve as team captain on the East Coast Boxing Team for 2 years before moving to North Carolina. He continued to compete in national tournaments such as Silver Gloves and the Azalea Festival Boxing Tournament before turning his attention to teaching. He instructed boxing there for 2.5 years before moving to Germany to teach one on one for a year. He moved to the Seattle area in October 2017, where he continues to enjoy boxing as well as biking, hiking, and travelling.

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Kim has trained in boxing, kickboxing, and Muay Thai for over 20 years. She enjoys competing in both boxing and kickboxing. Kim has an aggressive, forward fighting style that focuses on agility, precision, and constant pressure. You'll be sure to learn technical striking and slick offensive and defensive movements and techniques. In her spare time, Kim enjoys running ultra marathons, so be prepared to really work in her classes!

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Jay is originally from Malaysia and has been training boxing at Axtion Club for over 4 years. What started out as a way to get in shape, turned out to be his new passion! Now he is ready to share his boxing knowledge as an assistant coach and work on fundamental boxing techniques with beginners. When Jay is not training boxing, you can find him playing soccer, hiking, or even scuba diving. 

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